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The Neighbourhood

Canggu is located in the northernmost part of Bali’s Kuta distict. Coraffan's neighbourhood is accessible along Jalan Pantai Bolong,

also called Jalan Hotel Tugu for the distinguished hotel at the end of the road. Villa Coraffan is set back by 200 meters from this road, accessible through a private lane. The Villa is only 15 to 25 minutes from Seminyak, depending on traffic.

Canggu's landscape is dominated by terraced hills in varying shades of green, depending on the stage of the rice harvest. Closer to the ocean, you’ll see pastures dotted with grazing cattle.

Most of Canggu's residents earn their living either from farming or fishing. The government has designated large parcels of the area as "green zones" to avoid the traffic snarls and other conflicts between residential and commercial development experienced in high-density tourist areas of the island. The two main beaches in the area are Pantai Batu Bolong and Pantai Batu Mejan, commonly known as Echo Beach.

"The Echo" is very popular among more experienced surfers, while Batu Bolong is more swimmer-friendly, (as long as you don't go in very far). Both beaches are approximately one kilometer from Coraffan. Guests often enjoy watching Echo Beach's spectacular sunsets over a cold beer or a glass of wine at The Beach House restaurant. The area also hosts the luxurious Sea Sentosa, the Canggu International Club, and several international schools.