Welcome to Villa Coraffan

a newly completed holiday property in Bali’s Canggu district

a newly completed holiday property in Bali’s newly emerging Canggu district. Completely surrounded by rice paddies and just 1.5 kilometers from the famous Canggu surf beach, Villa Coraffan was meticulously designed with an eye for modern, tropical elegance. White Palimanan stone walls and rich Merbau wooden floors were chosen to complement the beauty of the property’s lush garden and honor the spirit of Canggu’s beauty.

Villa Features

Swimming pool size is 5x17ms with an attached children pool. The air-conditioned fitness room is equipped with a universal set and static bike/cross trainer. Complimentary laundry service, (not including dry cleaning). Overnight security staffing. Chef service is complimentary. Several nearby restaurants offer free delivery with minimum bill.

More Features

The Neighbourhood

The Villa is only 20 minutes away from Seminyak, though a new road from Canggu Tua to Batu Beliq will cut the time to Seminyak’s Petitengget area, (where the Oberoi Hotel is), in half. Part of this road is still unpaved, making it a bumpy drive unless you’re on a motor bike.

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Google Reviews

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